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Bring your school community together and give your students the chance to Stage It!

An innovative performing arts experience encouraging young people to get active, build self confidence and celebrate their achievements.

If you have a group of enthusiastic students who love the Performing Arts and would benefit from the chance to let their creativity soar, then Stage It is the ultimate opportunity! Think of a mix between Glee and Pitch Perfect!

TERM 3 – Following the June/July School Holidays




    • Perform in a premier Melbourne venue
    • Engage with some of Australia’s leading music theatre performers (as adjudicators and mentors)
    • Develop performance skills by participating in a range of workshops designed especially for student performers
    • Meet like minded peers and witness fantastic performances by Victorian school aged students
    • Gain media exposure for young performers and your school
    • Celebrate the performing arts!



Stage It will allow performers to compete against other Victorian Primary and Secondary schools in one of the following categories.

–        Song & Dance Groups
–        Choir Groups
–        Dance Ensembles
–        Solo & Duet performers

Showcase your school choir, “Glee Group”, dance crew or other performance ensemble. You could even present a ‘mini – musical’ with extracts from your schools current or past musical production.



All performances will be held in premium Melbourne venues, and students will be adjudicated by leading theatre industry professionals.



The aim of Stage It is to compliment the Performing Arts program already offered in your school community. Stage It is all about providing an accessible and exciting addition to your Performing Arts calendar.

Depending on school resources and the learning outcomes you wish to achieve, school groups can elect to enter in a additional production category (full costumes and props) or in a category with minimal focus on production elements (performance only).

To provide your students with the best Stage It experience, Stage Masters staff are on hand to support teachers every step of the way.



To find out more about this exciting initiative, simply register your interest by clicking on the tab at the top of this page or email us at

Once registered, teachers will be sent more information about the program in 2016. You’ll also receive a guide to assist with preparation and the creation of your performances.

Stage It entries are accepted in the following sections. All performances should be a minimum of 4 minutes and maximum of 6 minutes.


The song & dance category is a opportunity to bring the singing and dancing talents of your students together. You could even present components of your most recent or upcoming school production. The performance will feature the vocal, acting, and movement talents of the participants. Optional dialogue can be used for transitions. It is encouraged that performance in this category have a story line or central theme that the performance is based – be creative!



The choir group section is a chance to showcase your school choir. Choir groups should present a series of songs that are related to a central theme or composer. Choir groups may choose to stand and deliver their songs, or include elements of choreography (think Pitch Perfect!). Choir groups can present their own arrangements of songs if they wish and can choose to perform with music or unaccompanied – you could even do a bit of both!



Solo and duet performers can sing a song of their choice from any genre. We want to hear pop, rock, music theatre and even singer song writer compositions. This section may be further categorised once registrations are received. Lip synching performances are not allowed.



A perfect opportunity for your dance crews and ensembles to showcase their passion, innovative choreography and impressive stunts and tricks!

Not sure where you group fits? Get in touch with us or register your interest to find out!


Each group in one of the above divisions should also choose to enter in one of the below categories.


If you choose to have additional production values, you are choosing to add props, minimal set pieces and full hair, make-up and costumes to your performance. These items should be to a maximum budget spend of $2000.00. You will also be involved in the lighting design alongside one of our professional designers.


The focus of the minimal production value category is on performance. School groups in this category can choose to have minimal costume items but don’t have to. No props or set items are required. This category is ideal to keep costs at a minimum. Stage It! lighting and audio technicians will design the lighting plot during your on stage rehearsal on the performance day.

Why should my group participate in Stage It?

Stage It gives participants the opportunity to showcase their hard work and talents in the Performing Arts in a supportive and encouraging environment. Through the program, participants will be given opportunities to engage with like minded peers and industry professionals. This is the ultimate avenue to celebrate young Victorians with a passion for the Performing Arts.

Who Can Attend Stage It?

Any student who is currently enrolled in a Public or Private Primary or Secondary school can participate in Stage It.

What Size is a typical group?

The size of a typical group varies depending on each section, but generally 25 – 40 participants. Groups are welcome to have up to 60 students.

What does a group do?

On the performance day, Stage It participants will:

–       Present a showcase performance in a premier Melbourne venue

–       Participate in a range of performance skill development workshops designed for student performers (optional).

–       Engage with industry professionals from some of Australia’s biggest musical productions

–       Meet like minded peers and witness fantastic performances by Victorian school aged students

Can Students interested in the technical areas of theatre get involved?

Absolutely! Students interested in the areas of lighting, audio, costume and set design can actively take part in the Stage it program. These students will work closely with our onsite designers to program the lighting and sound requirements for your groups performance. On the day, these students will participate in a special technical workshop with a professional industry designer.

When Do I Need To Enter By?

Stage It registrations close on 30 March 2016. Simply fill out your details via our online form and you’ll receive more information about the program.

What is the cost?

There is a general participation fee for each student. This assists to cover basic event costs (venue, staff, lighting & audio equipment). More information about these specifics will be available once you register your interest – send us an email today!

What Venue Is Stage It held in?

Stage It will be held in a premier Melbourne venue close to the CBD. Once registrations are received these details will be confirmed and sent out in a full information pack.

Do we need to have a large budget for the performance?

School groups don’t need to have a large budget to participate in Stage It. Schools can register to be part of our minimal production section. In this section the focus is purely on the performance itself.  Participants don’t need to have props or costumes – the focus is on showcasing the talent and passion of the students.

What if our school doesn’t have a performing arts program?

You don’t need to come from a school with a performing arts program. The aim of Stage It is to give young people the opportunity to have new experiences, make new friends, and most importantly have fun. Stage It could be a great opportunity to get a new vocal or dance ensemble together and give them the chance to perform. Soloists also have the option to participate independently.

Is Stage It competitive?

Although Stage It is a competition, the main focus is on having fun and trying your best. On the day school groups from across the state work together, and are encouraged to support one another. All feedback by the adjudication panel is constructive and aimed at building confidence.

What if I don’t know much about sound and lighting?

Stage Masters staff are here to support teachers every step of the way. All Stage Masters personnel have professional experience in the entertainment industry and can help with the technical side of your performance.



To find out more details about this exciting project, register your interest now! We’ll then be in touch with more information in the new year.

At this stage only estimated numbers of students are required. The exact numbers need to be confirmed by 30 March.




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